How to best enjoy MAXITE

In addition to MAXITE’s positive effects on your sex life it offers numerous additional benefits – starting with the convenience aspect:


Because MAXITE is all-natural you can purchase it prescription-free!


Also there are no restrictions regarding the consumption. You can take MAXITE literally any time of the day – or the night. Before or after meals, with or without liquids, even in combination with alcoholic beverages !


The recommended daily dosage is 18 gr. Please do not exceed the prescribed daily dose.

Usually the effect kicks in 45 – 60 minutes   after intake and can last up to 36 hours.  


MAXITE’s method of production ensures complete preservation of the active herbal ingredients which make up about 99% of the substance and a rapid and complete absorption by the body.


MAXITE is a one of a kind product that helps you to enjoy a fulfilling sex life and maintain good health.


So go ahead, maximize the fun!

I told my buddies that I use MAXITE. They asked me if I had a problem. My answer was, why do I need to have a problem to maximize my fun?