Q: How does MAXITE work for men?


A: The most important thing for any men’s sex life is endurance. MAXITE will help every man to have a powerful and prolonged erection and it will usually prevent a premature ejaculation. Mainly it will help men to gain pleasure and, to a degree, also confidence from the fact that they are able to truly satisfy their partner.



Q: How does MAXITE work for women?


A: With MAXITE women experience increased sensitivity and have significantly prolonged pleasure during sexual intercourse. The scientific reason for these effects lies in the stimulation of estrogen, the hormone that plays a crucial role in female sexuality.



Q: What ingredients does MAXITE contain and is it okay to take it if I’m allergic?


A: MAXITE’s formula is patented and confidential. All we can say is that MAXITE contains Ginkgo biloba, Panax Ginseng, Clove, Epimedium, Tribulus, Honey, Cardamom, Coriander, Roots of Ferula, Ginger, Kubeba Pepper, Carob tree. Though it is a completely natural product we recommend you to consult with your physician before intake.


Q: Is MAXITE tested and certified?


A: Yes, MAXITE has been tested and certified by well-known laboratories in Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria.


Here are the analysis results:


• Moisture % – 25,43
• Ash % – 1,68
• Energy value / Kcal / per 100 grams – 287,10
• Protein – 2,44
• Fat % – 0,54
• Carbohydrates % – 70,81
• Total sugar % – 44,26
• Cellulose % – 2,70



Q: What’s the origin of the herbs?


A: All of the herbs used for MAXITE are cultivated in carefully monitored conditions – 100% natural and free of chemicals .



Q: How should I store MAXITE?


A: Keep MAXITE in a cool dry place. Avoid hot and humid storage locations and also don’t forget to keep away from kids!



Q: Does MAXITE contain any chemicals?


A: No. MAXITE is 100% pure natural.



Q: As a diabetic can I safely use MAXITE?


A: MAXITE is 100% natural and it has no added sugar. You might want to double check with you physician – it contains only herbs but some of them might not be suitable for you as a diabetic. Also MAXITE contains honey.


Q: Are there any known side effects?


A: So far there are no known side effects. Still, we advise you to talk to your physician first if you are in doubt that your body can’t handle some of the ingredients.



Q: Who makes MAXITE?


A: MAXITE is developed by specialists and herbalists that teamed up their knowledge for the good of everyone.



Q: Can I use MAXITE in combination with alcohol?


A: Yes. MAXITE is not affected in any way by the use of alcohol. In fact due to the accelerated blood circulation caused by the alcohol it is quite possible that the effect may kick in faster than normally!



Q: I want to share it with my lover, is MAXITE suitable for her/him?


A: Absolutely. MAXITE is designed for both men and women.