The MAXITE story

Like with so many other great ideas the MAXITE story, too, is a combination of hard scientific research and a bit of luck.


The initial idea was to create a natural energy booster for men that was purely based on natural ingredients and therefore to be a lot healthier than many of the standard products on the market.


The right people got together and started to work – botanists, agricultural engineers, pharmacologists and physicians as well as production specialists.


The first results were very promising! In laboratory testing and subsequent research involving humans, the product excelled in all parameters. It showed the positive effects on the energy performance the project team was hoping for, without the disadvantages some pharmaceutical formulas bring about.


And there was one unexpected result: All the test subjects reported an unusual level of sexual desire and stimulation after having consumed MAXITE.


Well, however unexpected this effect was also most welcome!


The formula was perfected and production began.


So that now you and many others in the world enjoy free access to the
first high performance and 100% natural love energizer – MAXITE!


What can I say? With MAXITE I feel like in my prime again.